ADA Training

Free Online Training

Our online classes are now available to the public at no cost. New classes are added regularly.

Current classes include:

  • Service Animals and the ADA: This training is a unique, interactive presentation by the Rocky Mountain ADA Center’s Maggie Sims. During the presentation, Maggie will guide participants to understand who has rights and who has responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Maggie also breaks down the mystery of the service animal topic by addressing what the ADA says.
  • Disability Awareness and Etiquette: A two-part online course focused on disability awareness and etiquette designed to help everyone understand the magnitude of the disability community, provide a better understanding of proper language to use when addressing people with disabilities, and address etiquette considerations.
  • Accessible Voting Places: This course provides an overview of many of the laws covering accessible voting, common barriers to voting, and physical requirements for accessible voting places. In addition, this training offers effective solutions that can be used to make polling place accessible on voting day. Election officials and voters alike will benefit from an understanding of this information.

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Customized Training

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center is committed to educating everyone on both the spirit of the American’s with Disabilities Act and the technical application of the law. Our team of dedicated staff members design training to inform and educate participants on the impact the ADA has on all Americans.

Understanding how disability rights effect not only those living with a disability but everyone is the driving force behind all that we do.

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center provides a wide range of training options. We can be the ADA training source for individuals with disabilities, businesses, state and local agencies, transit agencies, architects and designers, disability organizations, or anyone who want to know how the ADA affects them.

Follow this link to request a truly unique training experience tailored toward your needs:

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One of our knowledgeable staff members will contact you to further discuss options that are right for you.

Some examples of custom training that may benefit you:

ADA Overview

Participants review the essential elements of the ADA, learn about the ADA National Network and, journey through the history of the ADA. Likewise, participants work through the titles included in the ADA, review enforcement agencies of the ADA, and take a glimpse of the future of the ADA.

Disability Etiquette

Participants increase their awareness of appropriate disability etiquette and discover how proper etiquette can be the first step in barrier removal for those with disabilities.

Service Animals

Service animal training the definition of service animals, according to the ADA, is established along with information other common laws related to service animals. In addition, training in this subject helps to create a comfort level for front-line employees and provide recommendations for future interactions.

Title I for Employers

The ADA Center staff attempt to break down employer responsibilities in areas such as, determining reasonable accommodations, creating effective communication, essential job functions, and service animals. Additionally, guidance is provided concerning documentation of disability, safety concerns and non-discriminatory hiring practices.