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National Park Service ADA Accessibility – Theodore Roosevelt, North Dakota

National Park Service ADA Accessibility – Theodore Roosevelt, North Dakota

This one-day training session will provide four modules to give a broad overview of accessibility requirements for the National Park Service.

  1. In module one, students will gain a basic knowledge of accessibility laws and which ones apply to NPS sites; we will have an open discussion on disability etiquette, including service animals and the module will conclude with guidance on accessibility resources available to the park.
  2. Module two will provide the requirements for, and the benefits of having Self-evaluation and Transition Plans for the park, utilizing two case studies from other parks.
  3. Module three will walk through the new trail standards and provide guidance on where to begin.
  4. The fourth module will cover the laws and unique requirements for concessions, housing, and non-NPS employees. The training session will end with Q&A time.


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Space is limited to 50 attendees.

For additional information and to request accommodations contact

 Rocky Mountain ADA Center.


Accessible Trails – The New Trail Standards in ABAAS   This class will identify the ABAAS chapters and sections updated with trail scoping and technical requirements and exceptions.  The trail standards will be compared and contrasted with the requirements for accessible routes.  Participants will learn when and where to use the steeper slopes allowed in the standard, as well as discuss trail design best practices.  2 hrs.


Making Parks Accessible – Self-evaluation and Transition Plans (SETP)   This class will illustrate the broad range of programs, services and activities provided in parks and the challenges in making them accessible.  Participants will learn how to determine the key interpretive themes, programs, experiences, services, and activities that make a meaningful visit to the park.  Making these key programs accessible is the focus in making parks accessible.  By analyzing two park SETP case studies, the class will learn practical ways of making programs accessible while protecting the parks natural and cultural resources.  2.5 hrs.


This training will also be available in the following states:

Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado

Thursday, August 6, 2015 – 8:00am to 5:00pm
Medora, North Dakota

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