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Program Access

A public entity may not deny the benefits of its programs, activities, and services to individuals with disabilities because its facilities are physically inaccessible.

A public entity’s services, programs, and activities, WHEN VIEWED IN THEIR ENTIRETY, must be readily accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities. This standard applies to all existing facilities of a public entity.

Public entities are not necessarily required to make all of their existing facilities accessible.

Methods for Providing Program Access:

Nonstructural Changes: Acquisition or redesign of equipment, assignment of aides, provision of services at alternate accessible sites.

Structural Changes: Alterations of existing facilities and acquisition of construction of new accessible facilities.

When choosing a method of providing program access, a public entity must give priority to the one that results in the most integrated setting appropriate to encourage interaction among all users, including individuals with disabilities.

Requirements for achieving program accessibility became effective January 26, 1992.

For possible additional resources, please see our resources page or contact the Rocky Mountain ADA Center through our Technical Assistance Form or call us directly at 800-949-4232.

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center is not an enforcement agency, nor does it provide advocacy services. The information and materials provided by the center are intended solely as informal guidance and are not a determination of your legal rights or responsibilities. All communication with the center is strictly confidential.

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