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Disability Etiquette and General ADA Training for The City of Fort Morgan

April 19, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fort Morgan
CO 80701

Maggie Sims with Rocky Mountain ADA Center will be training approximately 75 people for the City of Fort Morgan on Disability Etiquette and General ADA Training.

Below is the outline for this training.

This day long training program provides an overview on the requirements of the ADA and the appropriate ways for serving people with disabilities.

The program will begin by providing answers to basic disability etiquette scenarios, such as: How do you talk to someone who uses an interpreter? Is it OK to push someone in their wheelchair? Is there a difference between “handicapped” and “disabled?” Can you say, “See you later!” to someone who is blind?

Later in the program, you will receive information designed to help you understand the basics of the ADA and how it applies to you and those around you. Areas to be covered will include: the definition of disability, public notice requirements, ADA Coordinators roles, program accessibility, facility access, ADA standards, effective communication, and more.

This training program is both valuable and rewarding, and uses multiple media platforms to help you gain the most knowledge possible. Upon completion of this program, we hope you will feel better equipped to navigate both your job and your daily life with an eye for awareness about the ADA and people with disabilities.

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