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Rocky Mountain ADA Center Partners with Non Profit Organization, Make A Hero Film Productions

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New Relationship, Supported by Robert Redford, Designed to Provide Increased
Understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Value to the Nation

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center, a member of the ADA National Network is pleased to announce a partnership with Make a Hero, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to creating inspirational sports films featuring people with disabilities.

This first of its kind relationship provides The Rocky Mountain ADA Center and the ADA National Network with unprecedented access to a vast audience of Americans. By working in partnership with Make a Hero, the ADA will be able to further empower this audience with information on the laws protecting the rights of the country’s largest minority group – the 60 million Americans living with disabilities. Make a Hero films are produced by Kurt Miller, son of famed filmmaker Warren Miller. “The Movement,” narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller, tells the story of five individuals with disabilities who have faced various obstacles, yet developed an incredible will to overcome their obstacles through adaptive sports.

“This new relationship with Make A Hero allows us to tell millions of Americans about the ten regional ADA
Centers across the United States, which are there to provide free information concerning the law that protects
the rights of the 60 million Americans with disabilities,” said Rachael Stafford, Director of The Rocky
Mountain ADA Center. “Within each market ‘The Movement’ is broadcast, we now have an opportunity to
work with local media and leaders to promote goodwill and awareness. In addition, I would like to personally
thank Robert Redford, a great American and advocate, for his willingness to narrate this award winning film
and for his important role in these films.”

“The Movement” will air in over 100 US markets reaching over 80 million households starting February 9,

From its inception, Make A Hero’s mission has been to produce films to catalyze social change and motivate
people with disabilities to exceed all expectations. “The Movement” communicates to viewers that people with
disabilities have strong abilities. “We are thrilled to have worked with Robert Redford and Warren Miller on
this film and are even more energized about our partnership with The Rocky Mountain ADA Center and its
national network encouraging people to seek out the ADA Centers across the nation for support, information
gathering, and training regarding the law,” said Kurt Miller. “I am excited by today’s announcement, as
partnering with the ADA is a perfect match for our organization. Together we will work tirelessly to use our
films to introduce people to the ADA, while opening up channels of communication for those seeking
information about the ADA.”

About The Rocky Mountain ADA Center: The Rocky Mountain ADA Center, operated by Meeting the
Challenge, Inc., is funded under a grant from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and
Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR grant number 90DP0094-01-00) to provide technical assistance, training,
and materials to Colorado, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming on the Americans with
Disabilities Act. Click here for more information and connect on Twitter and Facebook.

About The ADA National Network: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990. The
ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public
life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public. The purpose of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. The ADA gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities similar to those provided to individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, and religion. It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, state and local government services, and telecommunications. The ADA is divided into five titles (or sections) that relate to different areas of public life.

Through its ten regional centers, the ADA National Network provides information, guidance and training on the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Their services are tailored to meet the needs of business, government,
and individuals at local, regional, and national levels.

About Make A Hero: Make A Hero 501(c)3 was founded in 2011 by director / producer Kurt Miller, son of
legendary ski-film pioneer, Warren Miller. Kurt set out to carry his vision for Make A Hero, with the mission of
creating films, television, and digital video content to catalyze social change and motivate people to exceed
expectations. Make A Hero’s mission is to inspire individuals with disabilities to get back into the game of life.
Make A Hero’s first adaptive sports film, “The Movement: One Man Joins An Uprising” – narrated by Robert
Redford and Warren Miller – tells the story of five individuals with disabilities, all of whom have faced various
obstacles, yet developed an incredible will to overcome their struggles through participation in adaptive winter
sports. “The Movement” has been accepted into 20+ film festivals, including Sundance, nominated for seven
Maverick Movie Awards, and has won five awards to date.

Click here for clips from the films and more information about Make a Hero.

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  1. Is there a physical site to visit the Rocky Mountain ADA Center? If I am visiting Colorado in May of 2017 are there any events happening at the actual center? I am an RN with professional experience in skilled caregiving as well as developing plans of care for/with people who have challenges with access to many public spaces. I am also a writer by way of 25 years of documentation as a nurse. Thanks, Melanie

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